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It is fishing which is my first passion. It has always been with me, from childhood up to the present days. When I was young, not always did I have any time to go fishing. Nowadays, I am making up for this when free time comes to my working life. Naturally, I do not neglect my family duties.
At the present, I am doing a spinning kind of fishing but for sports goals only.


It was in 2006, upon carrying on one of subsequent orders, when I met an individual who later turned out to be a comrade and friend. It was just him who traced my life onto windsurfing traits, windsurfing sports which I was looking at for some time… He suggested doing this sport and simply will to master it to me. Well, he did it quite perfectly, so we started from theory just step by step…

I was well prepared for the first day of my practice. I purchased the windsurfing equipment for both myself and my son. O course, I am going to pass this sport on my son. I am involved in doing windsurfing so much…

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