Bako 2000 Sp. z o.o.

Localization – address

87-880 Brześć Kujawski Pikutkowo 35E

Time of realization

czerwiec – listopad 2016

Details of the project

  • earthworks and foundations
  • steel constructions and hall erection
  • base floor and parquet floor of the warehouse or the office unit of the facility
  • walls and sides of the office unit of the facility
  • roof construction of the office unit of the facility
  • external facade
  • external rain and sanitary system installations
  • internal sanitary system installations
  • distribution of drinking or sanitary water
  • road constructions


The presented constructions were built keeping the required time limits, following the project documentation as well as meeting the building construction standards and requirements operating in the lawful system.

The quality and timely work out of the assigned tasks are important records of the professional supervising staff and qualified working staff employed in the REMAK Company.

In the view of the above, we have an honor to recommend the ZURM „REMAK”  Company, operating as general partnership, as a verified and reliable  business partner.

Do you need a reliable partner?

“REMAK” sp.j.

Zakład Usług Remontowo-Montażowych
ul. Duninowska 10

Kontakt do nas

tel. (54) 4119890
fax. (54) 4119891
tel./fax (54) 2332833



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Regon: P 910004321
NIP: 888-00-03-809