Kleib Sp.z o.o.

Localization – address

87-880 Brześć Kujawski ul.Kolejowa 15-17


Time of realization

September 2016 – July 2017


Details of the project

  • carrying out earthworks and construction of the foundation
  • erection and assembly of steel constructions
  • construction of the wall-casing
  • construction of the roof-covering
  • purchase, construction and assembly of the hole-elements
  • fitting of the parquet floor
  • fitting of the tank foundation and the technological tower foundation
  • construction of the car scales foundation


The REMAK Company completed the assigned task following the given time limits. The company carried on the task in a professional way, meeting the building construction standards and technical requirements operating in the lawful system.

We can fully recommend the REMAK Company to the future investors as a reliable and responsible contractor having the large technical background, good organization, the full scope of coordination of works assigned and correct cooperation with the Investor.

Do you need a reliable partner?

“REMAK” sp.j.

Zakład Usług Remontowo-Montażowych
ul. Duninowska 10

Kontakt do nas

tel. (54) 4119890
fax. (54) 4119891
tel./fax (54) 2332833

e-mail: remak@remak.pl


KRS: 0000194791
Regon: P 910004321
NIP: 888-00-03-809