Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe LUMAC

Localization – address

87-820 Kowal ul.Dobiegniewska 6

Details of the project

luty 2012



  • construction of the production hall
  • installation of rain sewage system and sanitary sewerage system
  • installation – drinking or sanitary water connection
  • extension building of the office-social facility


All the construction and installation businesses were completed by the “Remak” Company workers. The working schedule was put into practice in a consistent way, as it had been earlier planned. The works kept the technical standards of building constructions and legal requirements. Judging from the previous cooperation with this partner, we can state that        the “Remak”  Company, performing as the general contractor, has fulfilled its duties with      no regrets. In this case, we can speak of an unqualified opinion on the accounts of the perfect organization of the assigned works which effected with the timely commissioning                  of the building for use. Bearing full responsibility for the consequences, we can recommend      the “Remak” Company to the future investors as a reliable and trustworthy Contractor who undertakes and finalizes its duties with proper completion and accuracy of quality.

Chairman of the Board – Cezary Kwiatowski MA

Szukasz solidnego partnera?

“REMAK” sp.j.

Zakład Usług Remontowo-Montażowych
ul. Duninowska 10

Kontakt do nas

tel. (54) 4119890
fax. (54) 4119891
tel./fax (54) 2332833



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