Dyskont “Czerwona Torebka”

Localization – address

87-800 Włocławek, Polna 100A


Time of realization

maj – październik 2014


Details of the project

  • groundworks and preparatory works
  • foundation works and construction works
  • fitting of parquet floors, walls, roofs
  • assembly of window and door woodwork
  • electrical installations
  • internal water-sewage system and central heating installations
  • roads, parking lots and pavements


The constructions were completed successfully, under experienced and qualified staff’s supervision. The perfect professional preparation was combined with the correct organization of work, backed by the occupational safety and health (OSH) issues. The “Remak” Company, operating as general partnership, fulfilled its duties not exceeding the time limits, according to the technical standards and requirements operating in the Polish lawful system and keeping the environment, health and safety guidelines.

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tel. (54) 4119890
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tel./fax (54) 2332833

e-mail: remak@remak.pl


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